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Isaac Safier is an attorney based in San Francisco and has been a member of the bar in New York since 2008 and in California since 2011.   He has been admitted to the Federal United States District Court, Northern California District, since 2015.  His background in real estate finance gives him unique perspective in challenging practice areas such as Asset Forfeiture law.   

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Serving San Francisco, Alameda County, San Mateo County, Santa Clara County, Contra Costa County, Sacramento County, and Marin.  

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With hundreds of forfeiture cases litigated (both criminal and civil) over the last 10 years, Attorney Isaac Safier, Esq. is your resource to recover your seized money or confiscated asset.  If you sent money via USPS, FedEx, or UPS and it was "POLICESEIZED" or confiscated by a federal authority.. If your money was seized by the DEA, Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) or a Sheriff's Office at the Airport.. Attorney Isaac Safier, Esq. is the best lawyer to fight to get it back.  An effective asset forfeiture defense necessitates an experienced lawyer with an in-depth understanding of the various interconnected laws and statutes, the strict deadlines that apply in various situations, and a broad knowledge of finance and real estate.  Asset forfeiture is where civil and criminal law intersect.  Isaac Safier, Esq. is a trusted referral for many bay area criminal defense lawyers seeking assistance for their defendant clients with concurrent civil or criminal forfeitures.  

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Isaac Safier, Esq.
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California laws regarding criminal records are constantly changing and each year there are new statutes giving those with criminal records opportunities to seal, expunge or reduce their criminal records.  Attorney Isaac Safier, Esq. is familiar and experienced with the latest changes in the laws including dismissals for immigration reasons, Factual Innocence, CARE Act sealing, 17(b) Reduction Motions and more.  Find out if there are new ways to clean up your criminal record.  

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