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Practice Areas

The following is a list of legal issues that I handle:


  • Negotiating residential and commercial lease buy-outs

  • 3 days notices, 10 day notices 30 day notices, 60 day notices, and cure or quit notices

  • Harassment by your landlord

  • Nuisance Eviction Defense

  • Noise disputes with neighbors

  • Claims of breach of lease by subletting

  • Claims of breach of lease by using AIRBNB

  • Wrongfully withheld security deposits

  • Evictions that lack Just Cause

  • Warranty of Habitability claims (Landlord refuses to repair)

  • Comfort Pets and your right to have a comfort animal

  • Discrimination by your landlord

  • Unresponsive landlords

  • Co-tenant disputes

  • Subtenant disputes

  • Lodgers (people who occupy one room in a home)

  • Non-tenant ex's who won't leave

  • Landlords who won't let you move family members in

  • Planning Dept. based nuisance claims

  • Building Dept. based nuisance claims

  • Unauthorized alterations or repairs

  • 1.21 Hearings

  • Costa Hawkins Notices and Hearings

  • Capital Improvement Pass-throughs, O&M Pass-throughs

  • Rent Board Hearings of pretty much any kind




Restraining Orders


  • Defending Restraining Orders

  • Petitioning for Restraining Orders

  • Entry into the CLETS system

  • Long Cause Hearings

  • Move-out Orders

  • Jurisdictional Challenges

  • Non-CLETS settlements



  • Settlement Agreements

  • Roommate Agreements

  • Residential and Commercial Leases Licensing Agreements

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

  • Confidentiality Agreements

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Joint Venture Agreements

  • Rental Agreements

  • Move-out Agreements

Asset Forfeiture


  • California Civil Forfeiture

  • Asset Seizure

  • Federal Asset Forfeiture

  • Judicial Forfeiture

  • Non-Judicial Asset Forfeiture

  • Administrative Asset Forfeiture

  • Postal (USPS) Asset Seisuze

  • Uniform Controlled Substances Act, Health & Safety Code Section 11000 HS et seq.

  • California Control of Profits of Organized Crime Act, Penal Code 186.1 PC et seq.

Civil Litigation

Contact me to find out about representation on your personal injury or landlord-tenant affirmative case.

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